CEO/MD statement

For the industrial environmental issues across all sectors of engineering applications, like oil & gas, logistics, manufacturing, buildings & infrastructure and agricultural processing, offer opportunities as well as threats. In simple terms, cleaning activities encompasses all walks of life and already provides ways to address many environmental issues – and promises solutions to much more. However, it also contributes to environmental problems, particularly in areas like energy use and waste oil or hydrocarbon sent to treatment and landfill. It is also clear that environmental issues are receiving ever greater coverage, challenges and generate debate at every level – political, media, industry, investor and consumer.

Businesses are being held to ever higher standards and no responsible organisation could fail to see the need to address the issues with a coordinated program of action. Our Engineering Green Cleaning concept in business has devoted a considerable amount of effort to auditing our sustainability performance and bringing together our actions into a coherent framework. As a result, we are now taking very significant action in a number of areas in all of our endeavours across the globe. This includes not only our internal operations but also the environmental impact of our entire supply chain.

Engineering Green Cleaning and the global

environmental impact.

Engineering Green Cleaning concept with our proven efficacy of 100% Biodegradable water base degreaser, Bio-Solv, as an alternative to solvent base cleaners in providing a green solution for a better tomorrow.

These actions are underpinned by a set of robust metrics that we will be publishing on this site to document our progress. We believe that the effects of these commitments will begin to make a measurable impact, and will, over the next few years, build into a set of achievements of which we can be proud.

Bio-Solv® is recognized by the following Institute :

Bio-Solv® is locally researched and formulated by a lecturer from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (U.T.M), blended and manufactured in Johor, Malaysia. It utilises non-hazardous material and water as it's the main ingredient, thus it's an environmentally friendly product, which biodegrades and easy to use. An excellent alternative choice.

Euro-Circuit Technology Sdn Bhd researched and manufacturing its products in Malaysia.