Market Sector

From lubricants to degreasers to protection chemicals, we provide a wide-spectrum of solutions that are specifically adapted to each individual industrial application and job requirement.

Our Products are used across a wide spectrum of enterprises:

As one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of chemical solutions, Mr ECT  is fully committed to providing “Solutions you can count on!” for all our customers. We are dedicated to providing the right solutions to all our customers’ maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) needs.


Used both in Petrochemical and Oleo-chemical to get rid of thick greases, stains, sludge as well as odours from tanks, pipe lines, valves, drain openers, sludge traps and etc.


Cleans and degreases the oil stains, site spill and residues on concrete, tiles, marbles, glass, painted, polymer and metallic surfaces. Can be considered as well a function of construction chemicals.


Suitable for fast and effective cleaning jobs on huge areas with very minimal scrubbing activity and instant residue removal.


Widely applicable at airports and hangars for it’s non-volatile, non-corrosive and biodegradable.


Cleans degreases and disperse heavy grease and oil build up on surfaces and hard to reach areas. Great for engines overhauling, heavy machinery, industrial equipment maintenance and mechanical parts cleaning.


Mainly focused on oil spill accidents on sea or sea shores. Solutions are sprayed onto the oily surfaces and it will disperse into the sea, thus making it easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe for the marine ecosystem.

Bio-Solv® is recognized by the following Institute :

It utilizes non-hazardous material and water as it's main ingredient, thus it's an environmentally friendly product, which biodegrades and easy to use. An excellent alternative choice.


Euro-Circuit Technology Sdn Bhd researched and manufacturing its products in the Malaysia.