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Environmental Safety

Bio-Solv® is a specialized range of green and HSE friendly formulation that is extremely effective in cleaning operations and safe.

Cost Savings

PPE adornment, insurance and stringent training needed for more dangerous chemicals can add up to operating costs. Bio-Solv® can eliminate such requirements.

Made In Malaysia

All materials are locally sourced from sustainable sources to produce uncompromising quality.

Heavily Awarded

Certified by over 20 institutions

Euro-Circuit Technology

Our Solution – Bio-Solv®

Our company specialises in manufacturing an alternative to chemical-based, hazardous solvents by utilising fully & readily bio-degradable materials to remove even the toughest hydrocarbon stains and deposits.

Our target is to provide a global understanding of the importance of green cleaning and its impact on society and the environment, securing the future for our children and theirs.

BIO-SOLV®10 Multi-Purpose industrial cleaning job – not suitable for painted or coated surfaces
BIO-SOLV®12 Heavy Duty industrial cleaning job – suitable for all surfaces.


Water-based and Biodegradable Degreaser. It Outperforms Most Conventional Petroleum Based Solvents 


Readily biodegrades and does not hinder any aquatic, plant life. (Approved by fisheries institute for non-toxicity)


No harmful exposure to toxic substances and chemicals that can damage the nervous system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, heart, liver and skin and cause a variety of job-related health issues.

Our Mission

Health, Safety and Environment

The health and safety of our users and the environment is our top priority and we have designed our products to be safe from the concerns of typical solvents and chemicals. No short term or long term health effects and no gaseous emissions that pollutes the environment.

Our Value

Providing Green Solution To The Nation

We are committed to provide our range of products to all walks of life, from residential to commercial and industrial uses. Our products can be used in various industries from machinery, logistics, MRO, agriculture, manufacturing, Oil & Gas, building and construction maintenance and many more.

See Our Story

Bio-Solv® is recognized by the following Institute :

Bio-Solv® was designed and formulated by our founder, Mr Noor Hisham during his lecturing days in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), and is sourced and manufactured locally here in Malaysia where we can oversee all aspect of quality control and assurance to provide the best environmentally friendly products for every day use.

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Euro-Circuit Technology Sdn Bhd researched and manufacturing its products in Malaysia.